Sandvik CH440-CS440 Cone Crusher Parts

Sandvik CH440-CS440 Cone Crusher Parts

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Matec Solutions is specialized in manufacturing of crusher wear parts which are 100% compatible with Sandvik CH/CS Cone Crusher Spare Parts. Reliable cone crusher spare parts enable stable production without unexpected downtime.

Matec Solutions help customers save total cost of ownership with reliable performance and durable wear life, we are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Sandvik CH440-CS440 Cone Crusher Parts List:

Model Part No Description
CH440/CS440 452.0230 Bottom shell
CH440/CS440 452.0231 Bottom shell
CH440/CS440 442.7140 Liner-Pin shaft arm
CH440/CS440 442.7141 Liner-Narrow arm
CH440/CS440 442.7146 Bottom shell bushing
CH440/CS440 442.7106 Dust collar
CH440/CS440 442.7109 Ring
CH440/CS440 442.7110 Locating bar
CH440/CS440 442.7170 Gasket
CH440/CS440 442.7108 Seal ring inner
CH440/CS440 889.0278 Protective cap
CH440/CS440 442.7151 Eccentric
CH440/CS440 442.9643 Eccentric bushing
CH440/CS440 442.9642 Eccentric bushing
CH440/CS440 442.9406 Eccentric bushing
CH440/CS440 442.7142 Hub
CH440/CS440 442.7169 Ring
CH440/CS440 442.7093 Gear and pinion set
CH440/CS440 442.7171 Key
CH440/CS440 442.7107 Eccentric wearing plate
CH440/CS440 853.0646 Pin
CH440/CS440 873.0892 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 442.9672 Piston
CH440/CS440 853.0119 Pin
CH440/CS440 442.7122 Piston wearing plate
CH440/CS440 442.7121 Step washer
CH440/CS440 873.0835 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 873.1276 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 442.7506 Pinion shaft housing
CH440/CS440 442.7093 Pinion
CH440/CS440 868.0282 Bearing
CH440/CS440 868.0804 Bearing
CH440/CS440 442.7130 Spacer inner
CH440/CS440 442.7131 Spacer outer
CH440/CS440 873.0779 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 873.0399 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 873.1208 Oil seal ring
CH440/CS440 442.9684 Bearing cover inner
CH440/CS440 442.7133 Bearing cover outer
CH440/CS440 442.9937 Pinion shaft
CH440/CS440 857.0337 Key
CH440/CS440 442.7259 Main shaft assembly
CH440/CS440 442.7100 Main shaft
CH440/CS440 442.7117 Main shaft sleeve
CH440/CS440 442.7120 Main shaft step
CH440/CS440 855.0026 Retaining ring
CH440/CS440 442.8332 Head center
CH440/CS440 442.7230 Mantle
CH440/CS440 442.7225 Mantle
CH440/CS440 442.9073 Mantle
CH440/CS440 442.8039 Mantle
CH440/CS440 442.7105 Head nut with burn ring
CH440/CS440 442.8333 Inner head ring
CH440/CS440 442.7115 Burn ring
CH440/CS440 442.7102 Dust seal ring
CH440/CS440 442.7103 Retaining ring
CH440/CS440 442.7523 Retainer
CH440/CS440 442.7524 Scraper
CH440/CS440 442.8553 Top shell assembly
CH440/CS440 442.7158 Filler ring assembly
CH440/CS440 442.7519 Filler ring assembly
CH440/CS440 442.7180 Top shell
CH440/CS440 442.7190 Arm shield
CH440/CS440 442.7492 Spider cap
CH440/CS440 873.0838 Seal O-ring
CH440/CS440 442.9408 Spider bushing
CH440/CS440 442.7193 Oil seal ring
CH440/CS440 442.8416 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.8417 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.8418 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.8420 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.8421 Concave
CH440/CS440 452.3027 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.8419 Concave
CH440/CS440 442.7485 Filler ring
CH440/CS440 442.7484 Filler ring

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