Sandvik CH660-CS660 Cone Crusher Parts

Sandvik CH660-CS660 Cone Crusher Parts

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Matec Solutions is specialized in manufacturing of crusher wear parts which are 100% compatible with Sandvik CH/CS Cone Crusher Spare Parts. Reliable cone crusher spare parts enable stable production without unexpected downtime.

Matec Solutions help customers save total cost of ownership with reliable performance and durable wear life, we are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Sandvik CH660-CS660 Cone Crusher Parts List:

Model Part No Description
CH660/CS660 442.8735 Bottom shell
CH660/CS660 442.8760 Pinion shaft arm liner
CH660/CS660 442.8759 Narrow arm liner
CH660/CS660 442.8742 Bottom shell bushing
CH660/CS660 442.8741 Dust collar
CH660/CS660 442.8744 Ring
CH660/CS660 442.8762 Locating bar
CH660/CS660 442.8809 Shim
CH660/CS660 442.8808 Gasket
CH660/CS660 442.8747 Seal ring inner
CH660/CS660 442.8733 Eccentric
CH660/CS660 442.8824 Eccentric bushing
CH660/CS660 442.8825 Eccentric bushing
CH660/CS660 442.8826 Eccentric bushing
CH660/CS660 442.8729 Hub
CH660/CS660 442.8743 Retaining ring
CH660/CS660 442.9610 Ring
CH660/CS660 442.8723 Gear and pinion set
CH660/CS660 442.8807 Key
CH660/CS660 442.8761 Eccentric wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.8722 Hydroset cylinder
CH660/CS660 442.8758 Piston
CH660/CS660 442.8730 Piston wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.8731 Step washer
CH660/CS660 442.8739 Chevron packing
CH660/CS660 442.8725 Packing clamp plate
CH660/CS660 442.8764 Pinion shaft housing
CH660/CS660 442.8723 Pinion
CH660/CS660 442.8771 Spacer
CH660/CS660 873.1161 Oil seal ring
CH660/CS660 442.8766 Bearing cover
CH660/CS660 442.8765 Bearing cover
CH660/CS660 442.8772 Pinion shaft
CH660/CS660 857.0350 Key
CH660/CS660 442.8778 Oil level plug
CH660/CS660 442.8767 Main shaft
CH660/CS660 442.8792 Main shaft sleeve
CH660/CS660 853.0119 Pin
CH660/CS660 442.8732 Main shaft step
CH660/CS660 442.8763 Head center
CH660/CS660 442.8819 Mantle
CH660/CS660 442.8820 Mantle
CH660/CS660 442.9355 Mantle
CH660/CS660 442.9760 Mantle
CH660/CS660 442.8800 Head nut with burn ring
CH660/CS660 442.8791 Inner head nut
CH660/CS660 452.0269 Burning ring
CH660/CS660 442.8802 Dust seal ring
CH660/CS660 442.8801 Retaining ring
CH660/CS660 442.8804 Retainer
CH660/CS660 442.8805 Scraper
CH660/CS660 442.9037 Top shell
CH660/CS660 442.8812 Arm shield
CH660/CS660 442.8753 Spider cap
CH660/CS660 442.8754 Spider bushing
CH660/CS660 442.8755 Oil seal ring
CH660/CS660 442.9356 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8818 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8817 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8816 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8815 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8813 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.9230 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8814 Concave
CH660/CS660 442.8823 Filler ring
CH660/CS660 442.8863 Filler ring
CH660/CS660 442.8881 Washer
CH660/CS660 442.7252 Shim
CH660/CS660 442.9415 Wear plate
CH660/CS660 442.8793 Clamping ring
CH660/CS660 442.9040 Wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.9041 Wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.9042 Wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.9043 Wearing plate
CH660/CS660 442.9044 Feed hopper
CH660/CS660 442.5621 Feed distributor

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