Metso C160 Jaw Crusher Parts

Metso C160 Jaw Crusher Parts

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We offer genuine replacement for Metso C series jaw crusher parts, and ensure the proper fit, form and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. The Metso C series jaw crusher is a compression type crusher. Feed material is crushed between fixed and movable jaw dies, engineered for the toughest feed materials in the primary crushing stage.

Matec Solutions help customers save total cost of ownership with reliable performance and durable wear life, we are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Matec Solutions supply different manganese jaw die profiles and thicknesses to achieve the perfect match for applications including quarrying, mining and aggregates.

Metso C160 jaw crusher parts list:

Part Number Description Part Number Description
287567 V-BELT PULLEY SPC 1T 268X16X110 949647153400 LABYRINTH C160B 471534
341091 FASTENING ITEM C160 949647153500 MOUNT WEDGE C160B 471535
386895 FASTENING ITEM C160 949647153600 TIGHTENING WEDGE C160B 471536
447156 PROTECTION PLATE 160B 949647153700 FILL WEDGE C160B 471537
447157 PROTECTION PLATE 160B 949647154200 CHEEK PLT UPR C160B 471542
576495 PITMAN ASSY C160 949647154300 CHEEK PLT LOW C160B 471543
576502 FLYWHEEL C160 16XSPC 949647154500 TOGGLE SEAT C160
576659 TIGHTENING WEDGE C160 949647154700 TOGGLE PLATE L=860 C160B 471547
576705 WEDGE C160 949647155600 LUG C160B 471556
576974 CHEEK PLT UPR C160 949647160900 TIGHTENING WEDGE C160B 471609
576989 GUIDE PIECE C160 418807-A LUG C160B 418807-A
578097 SPACER C160 74MM 418807-B LUG C160B 418807-B
578098 BRNG SUPPORT C160 MM0201913 MOTOR Y2-3554-4/6KV/250KW TIANJIN PURCHA
578130 DAMPER C160, 60SHA MM0212955 BRNG COVER C160
578131 LOCK PLATE C160 MM0237751 CLEVIS PIN C160
578582 SUPPORT C160 MM0237942 SHIM RING DIN988-60X75X0.5-ST
578635 JOINT PIN C160 MM0237944 SHIM RING DIN988-60X75X1-ST
578888 PLATE C160,S=35 MM0259884 FLEXIBLE COUPLING 160 GGG 40 95 1-D100 1
582521 EYE BOLT C-SERIE, M42 MM0264797 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M48X200-4.6 ER.47165
582550 PIN ISO2340-B-80X340-34CRNIMO6V MM0266492 PITMAN ASSY C160
582557 WASHER MM0266974 CYL INST C160
589541 LOCKING PLATE C160 MM0267021 BUSHING C160, 42CRMO4 (D=61/100, S=40)
921070 RETURN ROD C-160-B MM0267236 BRACKET C160
932000 CYLINDER ASSEMBLY C160, C200 MM0267239 PLATE C160
7085402525 CROSS BEAM MM0267347 BUSHING C160, 42CRMO4 (D=57/105, S=50)
704100030000 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M48X180-4.6 ER.4716 MM0267373 HYDRAULIC WEDGE ADJUSTMENT C160
704100033000 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M48X1030-4.6 MM0267467 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M56X210-8.8-A3A
704100034000 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M48X1270-4.6 ER.471 MM0267761 PIN C160
704103939000 CAP SCRW HEXSCKTHD ISO4762-M30X80-8.8-UN MM0267781 PIN C160
704204100000 NUT, SELF-LOCKING ISO10511-M48-8-A3A MM0267803 HINGED PLATE C160
704205910000 JOINT PIN ISO2340-B-60X280X250-ST MM0267810 HINGED PLATE C160
704405693623 PARALLEL KEY DIN6885-A28X16X200 MM0272633 BRNG HOUSING C160
704405694310 GIB KEY DIN6887-80X40X400 AIHIO TAE MM0272634 BRNG HOUSING C160
705501265300 V-BELT SET ISO4184-16XSPC 8000 MM0275564 BRNG SUPPORT C160
705501267000 V-BELT SET ISO4184-16XSPC 10000 MM0285457 WEDGE PAIR C160
814329274900 JAW MVBL QUARRY 2P MM0286841 REAR END C160_YM02
814329275000 JAW, FIXED QUARRY 2P MM0527972 FASTENING ITEM C160
814329291500 JAW MVBL SUPER GRIP 2P N02422210 EQUAL TEE 2033-4-4S
814390844600 JAW, FIXED QUARRY +40 2P N03460601 SPIDER ROTEX 160, SPIDER 95 SHORE A RED
949626178800 TIGHTENING BUSHING C160 261788 N03742012 SLIDE BUSHING PWM 607040
949638632300 BRNG COVER C160B 386323 N05256566 PUSH BUTTON M22-D-S/T-D/AK11
949641825500 WEAR PLATE C160 N11903796 PIPING HYDRSET ADJ C160
949647153300 LABYRINTH C160B 471533 N11904052 SUPPORT BRNG C160
N44450338 HYDR HOSE 5705-12/EN857-2SC-12/5705-12/L

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