Rubber Mill Liners

Rubber Mill Liners

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Rubber mill liners are for most Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Ball Mills. And in many cases rubber components are best option for specific areas in AG and SAG mills.. Rubber liner is mainly applied to wet grinding process, and now dry grinding which required strict metal impurities (iron) has also being applied.

Matec Solutions offers mill linings with materials and designs optimized for each specific application. We work closely with our customers and carefully follow their process to make sure the lining we supply is always optimized for current operating conditions.

We promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time!

AG/SAG/Ball Mill Grinding for mineral processing, cement industry and power plant.

Features & Specifications:
High wear and impact resistance;
High strength and high toughness;

Complete compatibility and long service life.

1, High abrasion resistance, with service life 1.5 times longer than that of metal ones.
2, Lower noise by 8-10db than that of metal ones, rubber acts as a vibration damper and noise filter.
3, Light in weight, resulting in easy installation and dis-assembly (taking only 1/3 of the time needed for installing or removing metal liners).
4, Light in weight, outstandingly reduce power consumption, also safe and easy to handle.

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