Metso C63 Jaw Crusher Parts

Metso C63 Jaw Crusher Parts

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We offer genuine replacement for Metso C series jaw crusher parts, and ensure the proper fit, form and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. The Metso C series jaw crusher is a compression type crusher. Feed material is crushed between fixed and movable jaw dies, engineered for the toughest feed materials in the primary crushing stage.

Matec Solutions help customers save total cost of ownership with reliable performance and durable wear life, we are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Matec Solutions supply different manganese jaw die profiles and thicknesses to achieve the perfect match for applications including quarrying, mining and aggregates.

Metso C63 jaw crusher parts list:

Part Number Description Part Number Description
285449.00 BRNG HOUSING C63 814320042600.00 JAW MVBL STANDARD 1P
285450.00 BRNG HOUSING C63 814329297700.00 JAW, FIXED SPECIAL RECW 1P
312012.00 WEDGE PAIR C63B 814329297800.00 JAW MVBL RCCLNG C63B Z=2 S1000
312316.00 FLANGE C63B 312316 949611870800.00 FRONT END C63
341012.00 HOOK C-SERIES KEY 949611870900.00 REAR EDGE C63
418517.00 TOGGLE PLATE L=450 C63B; N11449513 949626134700.00 PITMAN C63
418821.00 PIPE C63B 418821 949626134800.00 ECCENTRIC SHAFT C63 261348
418823.00 INTERMEDIATE ROD C63 EN10083-1 -36CRNIM 949626136600.00 FLYWHEEL C63 261366
418835.00 FLAT PLATE C63B 418835 949638370800.00 COVER C63 383708
418862.00 GUIDE PIECE C63B 949638371300.00 CNTRWGHT C63B 383713
446257.00 LUG C63 949640519300.00 SPRING 25X115X370 C63 , C80 405193
446328.00 SUPPORT C63B 949647133800.00 LABYRINTH C63B 256/190X42 471338
495383.00 LOCK PLATE C63B 949648721700.00 LUG C63B,C80B/R
499464.00 DAMPER C63B 949648776200.00 TIGHTENING WEDGE C63B 487762
499650.00 COUNTERWEIGHT C63B 949648776300.00 FILL WEDGE C63B 487763
580836.00 CNTRL DEVICE C63-C125 949648777300.00 TOGGLE SEAT C63 487773
904454.00 PLATE C63B 949648779900.00 CHEEK PLATE, LOWER C63 487799
908163.00 COVERING C63B 949648780000.00 CHEEK PLATE, UPPER C63 487800
908167.00 FASTENING PIECE C63B 949648784900.00 TIGHTENING WEDGE C63B 487849
911482.00 MOTOR BRACKET INSTALLATION C63, RIGHT 949648787300.00 LABYRINTH C63 487873
915055.00 SPRING C63..C80 949648788100.00 TIGHTENING BUSHING C63 487881
916038.00 SPRING CASING C63B-C80B ER.916038 949648789100.00 RETURN ROD C63 487891
931471.00 BUSHING C100,C105,C3055, 42CRMO4 949648789400.00 SPRING GUIDE C63 487894
406303279740.00 V-BELT PULLEY 236X4 SPB-TL(3020) 949648790100.00 PROTECTION PLATE C63 487901
704100027306.00 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M30X320-4.6 ER.4716 949656370100.00 FASTENING SHEET C63 563701
704100027312.00 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M30X380-4.6 ER.47165 949656370200.00 RUBBER PROTECTION C63 563702
704104160000.00 SCREW RET ISO4027-M12X16-45H-UNPLTD 261366-B FLYWHEEL C63 GROOVED 261366-B
704207819000.00 SPRING PIN ISO8752-12X32-ST 901152-A SUPPORT HOLDER C63B
705302970000.00 ROLLER BRNG 30215 J2/Q 901152-B SUPPORT HOLDER C63B
814320042500.00 JAW, FIXED STANDARD 1P 901153-B SUPPORT HOLDER C63B
N01530147 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M10X50-8.8-A3A

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