Ceramic Cyclone Liners

Ceramic Cyclone Liners

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Matec Solutions Ceramic Cyclone Liners provides the ultimate in wear resistance, single-phase fine-grained silicon carbide is very pure and uniform, with virtually no porosity enabling the materials to withstand corrosive environments, abrasive environments, and environments operating under high temperature.

A variety of highly abrasion resistant ceramic compositions are available, maximizing cyclone life and eliminating high installation costs traditionally found in epoxied tile constructions. This assists both OEMs and single plants in achieving financial performance objectives by optimizing classification efficiencies.

We supply both the complete assembly of the hydrocylone and the high wear areas including the bottom apex and spigots.  Cone liners, vortex finders and feed chamber are precision cast for replacement assembly into your existing hydrocyclone.

Name: Cover Plate Liner/Feed chamber/ Vortex Finder/Cone/Spigot-Apex
As an universal separating and classifying equipment, widely used for mineral processing, desliming, thickening and also dewatering operations.

Features & Specifications:

Dimension accuracy and Compatibility is guaranteed;
Superior abrasion resistance for a longer wear life.

Composite Ceramic

Composite ceramic material is a new type high wear resistant material, it is also with extremely high corrosion resistance. The micro hardness of composite ceramic material is very high. The spigot of composite ceramic material, used in first stage classification  can work over 8 months.

SiC+PU hydrocyclone liner
This is a common method in cyclones: polyurethane layer  covers the outer surface of the silicon carbide liner . The colors of polyurethane are red, green, orange and black.
Internal silicon carbide ceramic liner: 7 ~ 25mm.
Outer polyurethane layer: Acts as a buffer to protect the silicon carbide layer

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