Warman GPS Slurry Pump Parts Replacement

Warman GPS Slurry Pump Parts Replacement

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GPS Sump Pumps are designed for the Mining, Chemical and General Process
Industries for heavy continuous duty, handling abrasive and corrosive liquids and slurries while submerged in sumps or pits. Matec Solutions manufacture equivalent parts of the GPS slurry pump parts, with lower cost and guaranteed performance, full life cycle quality warranty.

Wet parts of type GPS pump are made of abrasion-resistant metal.They are designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries. These pumps have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.

Major features:
• Large diameter robust shafts. An optional heavy duty shaft for each pump to
avoid operation in critical speed zones.
• Metric bolting.
• No submerged bearings, grease lubricated and sealed by labyrinths; the upper is grease purged and the lower protected by a special flinger. The upper or drive end bearing is a parallel roller type whilst the lower bearing is a double taper roller with preset end float. This high performance bearing arrangement and robust shaft eliminates the need for a lower submerged bearing.
• Choice of hard metal, rubber or polyurethane wet end components.
• Double entry impeller. Chokeless impeller option.
• Belt or direct drive options. Rigid motor mountings with positive and direct adjustment for vee belt drives Choice of shaft down or shaft up motor mounting
• High discharge head is ‘GPSH’ pumps.
• A choice of rubber, polyurethane or high chrome GPS slurry pump parts;

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