Trommel Screen Polyurethane Panels

Trommel Screen Polyurethane Panels

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Matec Solutions Polyurethane trommel screen panels are application based and tailor-made to suit the operating parameters of a milling circuit and the existing trommel frame design. We fix the panels with either bolts or a pin and sleeve fastening system. We design the aperture configurations of the panels to meet the process requirements and feed type / sizing.

The trommel screen comprises the polyurethane lined steel frame and replaceable screening surface. Users attach Trommel Screens to the end of grinding mills and scrubbers to perform a variety of screening functions. We will complete sizing calculations to ensure the required efficiencies. Bonding the most suitable poly sheeting will protect the frames areas from exposing to corrosion or abrasion.

Because of customized Engineering and Manufacturing, our polyurethane trommel screen panels can offer unique solutions, to guarantee long wear life and highest screening productivity, especially blanking and blinding is a typical problem with products from other suppliers.


Trommel screens/Trommels/Rotary screens, widely used in the discharge ends of AG mills, SAG mills and ball mills,  classifying ore materials in mineral processing plants .

Features & Specifications:

1. High screening efficiency, up to 50%,less blockage;
2. Simple structure, less space required, easy installation and maintenance;
3. Light weight helps reduce the mill operating load, saving energy;
4. More wear-resistant, 1.5~3 times of rubber sieve and 3~8 time of steel sieve;

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