Metso C125 Jaw Crusher Parts

Metso C125 Jaw Crusher Parts

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We offer genuine replacement for Metso C series jaw crusher parts, and ensure the proper fit, form and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. The Metso C series jaw crusher is a compression type crusher. Feed material is crushed between fixed and movable jaw dies, engineered for the toughest feed materials in the primary crushing stage.

Matec Solutions help customers save total cost of ownership with reliable performance and durable wear life, we are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Matec Solutions supply different manganese jaw die profiles and thicknesses to achieve the perfect match for applications including quarrying, mining and aggregates.

Metso C125 jaw crusher parts list:

Part Number Description Part Number Description
386963 FASTENING ITEM C125B 949630786700 BEARING HOUSING C125
447725 SUPPORT 949630786900 COVER CL100 C125 307869
575507 SPRING ASSY C100, C105, C106, C125, C12 949630787900 WEDGE PAIR C100
575914 BUSHING C-SERIE, L=152 949630788400 SUPPORT HOLDER CL100,C125 307884
801967 HYDR HOSE 5705-08-06/SAE100R2T-06/5705- 949638651800 THRUST BRNG C125,C200
801969 HYDR HOSE 5705-08-06/SAE100R2T-06/5705- 949647113500 TIGHTENING WEDGE C125B 471135
801982 HYDR HOSE 5705-08-06/SAE100R2T-06/5705- 949647113600 TIGHTENING WEDGE C125B 471136
803926 HYDR HOSE 5705-04/SAE100R2T-04/57H4-06- 949647113700 FILL WEDGE C125B 471137
803929 HYDR HOSE 5705-04/SAE100R2T-04/57H4-06- 949647114300 TOGGLE SEAT C125 471143
907584 EYE BOLT C140S 949647114600 TOGGLE PLATE L=700 C125 471146
908444 FASTENING ITEM C125B 949647114900 MOUNT WEDGE C125B 471149
910032 SPACER C125B 949647133900 LABYRINTH 522/400X48 C125 471339 CL100
915118 V-BELT PULLEY 14XSPC 1T 242,4X125X210 949648703600 LABYRINTH CL100,C125 487036
921067 RETURN ROD C125B 949648704900 CHEEK PLT UPR C125 487049
923720 FASTENING ITEM C125 949648705000 CHEEK PLT LOW C125 487050
931506 BUSHING C125,C125, 42CRMO4 949648768300 TIGHTENING BUSHING C125 487683
940707 FLAT PLATE C125 949648796000 SPRING 40X180X518 C125 487960
947446 SLING C125, C140, C145, C160 289846-A SUPPORT HOLDER C125B ALATASSU 0 AST.
947447 SLIDE BUSHING C125, C140, C145, C160 289846-B SUPPORT HOLDER C125B ALATASSU 0 AST.
7001530924 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M48X90-8.8-A3A 289847-A 0UPPORT HOLDER C125B ALATASSU 0 AST.
7001563056 NUT HEX ISO4032-M56-8-A3A 289847-B SUPPORT HOLDER C125B ALATASSU 0 AST.
405400052010 END COVER ASNH 524-620 418812-A LUG C125B C140B 418812-A
406202768300 V-RING TSN 524 A 418812-B LUG C125B C140B 418812-B
648900021514 GUIDING RING FRB 14/215 70R0600132 PISTON 427.37
648954153124 ADAPTER SLEEVE DIN5415-H3124 909532-B LUBRICATING DEVICE C63-C160
703402105950 O-RING SMS1586-159.30X5.70-NBR70 MM0204768 CONTROL CABIN 160KW,C125
704100027408 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X560-4.6 ER.4716 MM0211754 TOOL EQUIP C125
704100032000 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M48X640-4.6 ER.4716 MM0212848 SHAFT C125
704101150000 SECURITY RING DIN471-125X4 MM0212965 PARALLEL KEY DIN6885-B22X14X100 ST50-1K
704405693450 PARALLEL KEY DIN6885-A25X14X200 MM0213041 MOTOR Y2-315L1-4-160KW
704405693621 PARALLEL KEY DIN6885-AB28X16X160 MM0219628 FLYWHEEL C125, C140 14XSPC
705302465100 ROLLER BRNG 22224 EK/C3 MM0219629 FLYWHEEL C125, C140
705302735000 ROLLER BEARING 23180 CA/C3 W33 SKF N01530327 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M16X90-8.8-A3A
705400520000 WASHER, LOCK ISO2982-2-MB 14 N01563265 NUT HEX ISO4032-M64-10-UNPLTD
705400790000 NUT, LOCK ISO2982-2-KM 14 N02118833 FSTNR PAIR DIN3015-ZKP-3-G-20-20-PP
705600221200 WRENCH OPEN END ISO3318-80 N02118993 COVERING PLATE DIN3015-ZDP-3-W1
706301429545 SPACER SIZE 90 95SHA ROTEX N11954353 JAW MVBL QUARRY 1P
706301429650 FLEXIBLE COUPLING ROTEX 125-GGG40-95-1- N88409012 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X1010-4.6 ER.471
814320042000 JAW, FIXED QUARRY 2P N88409015 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X220-4.6 ER.4716
814320042700 JAW MVBL QUARRY 2P N88409019 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X340-4.6 ER.4716
814328501200 JAW, FIXED STANDARD 2P N88409024 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X760-4.6 ER.4716
814328561400 JAW MVBL STANDARD 2P N88409025 HAMMER SCREW DIN261-M36X810-4.6 ER.4716

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